Lash Trays

Custom Lash Trays For Technicians

If you’re a lash technician, you likely know the struggle of keeping your lashes organized and ready for use throughout your workday. Instead of continuing to struggle with organization, get yourself a custom solution that’s designed for technicians to optimize their lash organization and their services! At Lashicle, we understand the need to organize so you can provide the best service possible to your clients, so we’ve designed a tray that’s made to fit inside your station drawers. This tray helps to separate your lashes by sizes, lengths, widths, and more!

Organized At-Home Enthusiasts 

If you love to apply your own lashes at home, a lash tray is the perfect solution to keeping everything neat, organized, and ready to use at any time. Because our trays are silicone and designed to fit in vanity drawers or beauty station drawers, you’ll have an easy time getting all your lashes together in one orderly space instead of searching endlessly for the right lashes from your stash. Shop our solutions online today to get started with the organized vanity you’ve been dreaming of!

Shop For Yours Today!

Our lash trays are designed with our customer needs in mind. Organize your lashes for professional or at-home use more easily than ever before and get your eyelash collection in order! Our silicone trays make it easy to designate space for your different types of lashes by size, length, width, and even color! Our trays, like the rest of our products are cruelty-free and designed for lash professionals, by a lash professional. Shop for yours today!