About Us

Passion For Lashes

At Lashicle, we’ve been passionate about providing quality products to our customers since the day we started. With high-quality solutions to concerns and challenges that lash technicians see, we believe that helping you means that you can more easily achieve your goals as a lash technician in your career. We are here to help you with your experience, so if you ever have any questions, need help with our products, or just have some feedback you want to share, please reach out to us!

Providing Cruelty-free Solutions

In the beauty industry, it can be difficult to tell which brands are committed to creating a better impact on the world. At Lashicle, we believe that providing products that are cruelty free to our customers is incredibly important and helps to ensure that you feel confident in your purchase and our brand. Our custom lash trays, eyelashes, and accessories are all designed to make your job easier, and when you can tell your clients that you’re using cruelty free products for their service, you’ll also earn their confidence, too. 

Our Fearless Founder

Lashicle was founded by Brandi seven years ago, when she noticed a need in the industry for a high-quality lash and easy-to-use organizational lash tray designed specifically for technician use. Because lashes are such small products, many technicians struggle with keeping them organized and professional, which is why Brandi developed her own, custom tray that helps to optimized lash storage for technicians and even at-home use! Learn more about our specialty lash trays today and order yours to organize your lashes!